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What does your business need to Grow? Working Capital Business Cash Advance helps your business grow.
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Working Capital Cash Advance

Introducing an innovative means to acquire needed Working Capital for your business: 

  • If you are seeking to open a new location, purchase equipment or purchase inventory
  • If you want to remodel, expand, start a new marketing campaign or hire more staff
  • If you are facing costs outside of your budget and simply need to pay bills

Working Capital can provide you the funding to maintain and grow your business.

Loans from Banks are becoming increasingly difficult to secure.  More and more small businesses are being rejected from traditional lending institutions.  You can be considered for the Working Capital you need, even if you have a low credit score or have been turned down by a bank.

Where can you turn to find funding for your business needs? Working Capital Cash Advance gives you options:

Bank Card Central offers a working capital program that provides cash advances up to $1,000,000 to small to medium sized business owners, to use as they see fit for their business.  Whether you have a new or established business, if you accept Visa/ MasterCard, you may be eligible for a Working Capital Cash Advance.

Program highlights include:

    • Merchants receive immediate cash which is wire directly into your bank account
    • No upfront application fees or closing costs
    • No personal guarantee
    • No tax returns or financial statements needed for most fundings.
    • Pre-agreed upon repayment percentage is automatically deducted from daily receipts
    • No fixed monthly payments or fixed repayment term
    • Approval within 24 to 48 hrs. of submission
    • A history of 90% applicant approval
    • Funding typically in 7 – 10 days
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